NBALAB is happy to introduce their newest partner, Splash-Damage, a California-based backpack startup with fun and chic Velcro patches. Founder and CEO, Shamonica Jones, a veteran of the Air Force, was inspired by the military's use of Velcro when a friend had a patch on her backpack that kept falling off. This led to the creation of her Industrial Strength Suede Velcro Backpack.

Splash-Damage backpacks are not only a fashion statement but allow for self-expression; their urban-style patches empower individuals to embrace their backgrounds and voice their identities. As a black-owned business, Jones supports Black Lives Matter and creates BLM patches that embrace the movement. The backpacks can also be personalized with LED patches that are sound activated, with five different sequences that flash to the beat of the music.

Jones is a big fan of Sprayground and noticed the backpack company tagged NBALAB on Instagram. Digging a little further, Jones discovered SneakerThrone, Snaps, and other NBALAB partners and was encouraged to reach out and share her vision. NBALAB loved her pitch, and with the NBA's blessing, immediately brought her into the family.

Jones sees her partnership with NBALAB as a new direction for her startup. She grew up a Dallas Mavericks fan and always envisioned selling sports backpacks. Jones likes the teamwork that is required to win games because it reminds her of the unity she experienced in the Air Force. Jones likes that Splash-Damage represents her values and feels this allows for a unique position in the marketplace.

By Nina Rodriguez

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